No more Altruism

I don’t think human beings understood what they were doing when they came up with the concept of “altruism”. The thought that someone can actually do something for someone else without considering their own self-interest at all? That’s madness, but I’ll come back to this a bit later. I was lying down on my bed… Continue reading No more Altruism


When I last saw your Son

When I last saw your son, his speech was slurred. I waved my hand in front of his face but his eyes wouldn't follow He was coughing so hard and his breathing was shallow The boy had finally gone mad; unstable as a wheelbarrow. There was nothing we could tell you to calm you down.… Continue reading When I last saw your Son

How to NOT be a woman.

You're done suckling. You're four. Men don't suckle for that long. Get that thumb out of your mouth. Is there something wrong? Pink is for pussies, pick that and I'll get you a matching thong. Put on that 21 Savage and Quavo; play a bad-ass song. I'll come for your rugby match, don't waste my… Continue reading How to NOT be a woman.


When I last saw you, before all this, you wore your beauty on your sleeves Your laughter was thunderous, like high-fives from successful thieves, Your hair was a boulevard of kinks, envy to all the weaves, What happened to that beautiful, bubbly girl we knew? The one glowing from her honeymoon, fresh like morning dew?… Continue reading OF INDEPENDENT TOMORROWS.

Sorry (One word, against a thousand actions)

I know I wasn't supposed to spill that. I'm sorry. I know I wasn't supposed to eat that. I'm sorry. I lost the money somewhere on my way to school. I'm sorry. Daddy does it too so I didn't think it was wrong. But I'm sorry! I forgot our anniversary, but you’re still the most… Continue reading Sorry (One word, against a thousand actions)

Fragile Masculinity and the Church

Hi there! I trust you’ve had a great week? Great year maybe? Okay, I’m pushing it. But it is the season to be jolly! So they said, but really, this post is inspired by the number of times I have had to be dragged into church to celebrate the festive seasons, some of which bear… Continue reading Fragile Masculinity and the Church