So I hear scuffing and scratching outside my door and hop out of bed all scared. Like a good little horror movie girl, I look through the peephole but I can’t really see much. I open the door cautiously and there’s a girl standing there; hair hanging over her face and clothes disheveled. ‪#‎post‬ party no doubt. I recognize her, though, she lives down the hall on my floor. Before I can say anything she pushes past me into my room and that’s when I realize she peed in front of my door. Now I’m worried!! I ask her a series of questions: do you need help, are you hurt, what happened, do you have your keys… She nods to everything. Not getting anywhere. Then she starts taking her clothes off! I wrestle her foot back down before she takes her underwear off at least. I leave for a second to knock on her door; see if her roommate is there. Negative. I come back and she’s IN MY BED. Wrapped up in my freshly washed sheets. I call the RA on duty line (go to people for emergencies in the building). Negative. In despair I knock on the resident RA’s door, waking her up. I explain the situation. We discuss possible explanations for this girl’s state. Incoherent, smells of alcohol, subdued, messy. Was she roofied? Maybe. If it was alcohol poisoning she’d be throwing up (which she wasn’t thankfully ‪#‎fist‬ pump). This is getting scarier! The RA runs to get a master key; as we unravel the mystery, we can at least get her into her own room. She comes back and we coax her out of my lovely green sheets. Now she’s answering questions. She went to a party and had ‘two drinks’. Yep! Roofied. We get her shorts back on and the RA leads her to her room.
Her roommate was in there!! And she explains that they got back from the party a while ago and she definitely WASN’T drugged.

Sooooo as we were being all Nancy Drew, figuring out whether she was drugged, kumbe she just didn’t know where the bathroom was (it’s literally across the hall from her door) and thought my room was her room in her sleep/alcohol-befuddled state of mind! Smh. The RA and I laugh about it, thank each other and part company.

Anyway, after all this I check the time. It’s 2:55. I was going to wake up at 3 to study for Bio. So is this God’s way of making sure I’m fully awake when I start studying? Cause I definitely am! # He works in mysterious ways…

P.s. The emergency cleaning department can’t send someone until 7/8am so I do this weird hop/side-step thing every time I leave my room.

By Kendi Mburu, student at University of South California, Los Angeles 😀


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