In the tedious pursuit of that ever-elusive intellect,

With canes and whips, commanding fear, not respect,

Instruction eminent; mental development faces neglect,

Transformation into a zombie, a likely prospect…


Confusion, marked in a conglomerate of equations,

Doctors, lawyers, accountants; blind professions,

Mentorship (a necessity), yet we are bound by administration,

Pennies they demand for our minds; such a hefty donation…


Mental inability, turned financial disability,

Talent; skill; sport, cast away, labeled a hobby,

Science, Arithmetic, what “diversity”,

Claiming that to follow our dreams is like a knife to the chest; remember Dobby?


Formal education, a twisted complexity of systems,

Cuts off our roots, flowers, fruits, leaving bare stems,

We memorize, we copy, we paste,

Yet in learning, understanding and living we remain chaste…


We only live once, why not exploit the opportunity?

Let us learn to live, not just live to learn,

Cook, play, work and laugh with vivacity,

Do what you love, love what you do, money and respect you will earn,

Fulfilled, satisfied and rested will your ashes be in that urn.

By Martie Mtange, Strathmore University…


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