I Fell in love

Some REALLY beautifully-woven stuff..

Beautifully Chaotic

When i say I’m in love with people I’ve never met, and cities I’ve never been to, I mean it with my whole entity , because as time unravels, I meet the people I fell in love with, and I’m going to the cities I’d never been to. So tonic that the unfolding of events draws a smile on my face that not any picture may have seen! As human beings we are still limited to the ‘how so’ of this world.  We are limited in imagination of how the forces of the universe guide our path, and as chaotic as it may be, we cannot candidly claim to know what series we get to live! How crazy, to ask of us, to let go, and Let God.

Coming into context, sometimes I find that the world transpires too dynamically, its laws of nature seeming too complex for mere straight lines and…

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