Sorry (One word, against a thousand actions)

I know I wasn’t supposed to spill that. I’m sorry.
I know I wasn’t supposed to eat that. I’m sorry.
I lost the money somewhere on my way to school. I’m sorry.
Daddy does it too so I didn’t think it was wrong. But I’m sorry!


I forgot our anniversary, but you’re still the most important thing in my life.
I hate it when you nag. Why can’t you just be a normal wife?
I didn’t hit you that hard and I’ll never do it again. Let’s stay away from all this strife.
It was a stupid mistake, I was just curious about her. You’re all I need. I’m sorry baby! Don’t leave.
I can’t be with you anymore. It’s not the same. It’s not you, it’s me. Can we still be friends?

We can’t pay you the same as we pay him. You’re not Jennifer Lawrence. Sorry.

I got someone younger and more vibrant for this job. I have to let you go. It’s unfortunate.
The school can’t admit your child. As a single mother we can’t trust you to pay. Sorry.
There’s a lump in your breast. We have to cut it off. This is sad.
You’re going to be a mother. Where is the father? He’s not around? Oh no. That’s too bad.
That skirt is too short you prostitute. We shall teach you a lesson, stripping is the new fad.

So I slumped on the seat and felt a pounding pain in my back,
Tired of bearing the weight of all the apologies heavy as a one-ton sack;
I poured some wine from a spare glass on the rack
And prayed for the lumps not to turn into mountains; that would give me a heart attack.
Maybe the children should never know that their father is a worthless man called Jack.


Images by:

  1. Balance magazine via
  2. Marie Ainomugisha via

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