When I last saw you, before all this, you wore your beauty on your sleeves
Your laughter was thunderous, like high-fives from successful thieves,
Your hair was a boulevard of kinks, envy to all the weaves,
What happened to that beautiful, bubbly girl we knew?
The one glowing from her honeymoon, fresh like morning dew?
Now you’re growing weary, burdened by the weight of all the promises broken at the pew.

You were consumed by the idea of belonging to someone, the ring rat-race;
No one expected you to know he’d draw targets all over your face-
And stomp all around those magnetic brown eyes
Leaving you on the floor every night, saying it was love in disguise.
You know where he started going, because the scents were different daily,
And when he came back, he would erupt inside you and call you Hailey.

He thought he had employed you with a bundle of joy,
But wasn’t there to hold your hand when he found out it wasn’t a boy.
A second life made you wearier and dragged your mounds to the ground-
So he stopped touching you altogether since they wouldn’t come around.

You were free just for a bloody short while-
From the lies, rough hands and kisses that tasted like bile.
He taunted you to take a jog, or walk at least more than a mile,
You listened, started getting back in shape, embracing the modern woman style,

But silently, you decided that your mind, body or soul he would never again defile.
Dressed in your new confidence and radiant smile I met you in the street,
I smiled and winked, surely, you could tell I wanted a taste of your love-treat,
I urged you to think of your worthless man, a lying, drinking cheat,
This is retribution, the revenge would be sweet!
But you hesitated; why are you faltering?
In this uncertain life, this is not a chance worth smoldering.
I looked into your eyes and saw the tiniest glint,
Anyone else would’ve missed it, you were throwing me a hint.
They said “It’s not that you’re not attractive-
I fell once. I’m smarter now, I know my new pet peeve.”

Photo thanks to @soafricane can be found HEREIMG_6331



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