How to NOT be a woman.

You’re done suckling. You’re four. Men don’t suckle for that long.
Get that thumb out of your mouth. Is there something wrong?
Pink is for pussies, pick that and I’ll get you a matching thong.
Put on that 21 Savage and Quavo; play a bad-ass song.
I’ll come for your rugby match, don’t waste my time with ping pong.
Grab that ass, smash and pass, you are King Kong.
Too cool for school, what the hell is a rule now that you’re a man?
Get those pants down low, get some jewels on that ear, you’re not a fucking nun.
Bump my fist, slur your tongue, show them you don’t care ’bout nu’n,
Who is she to talk back; lay down the hand, show her what’s good son.
You run these streets, if a nigga thinks otherwise, pull out that gun-
Wave it all around, get a car, fit some rims, make them shine brighter than the sun.
When they pull up on you, show them you’re a man, boy you better not run,
You’re a real nigga. This is what it means to be a mother-fucking man.


Yet in a world of re-definitions, being a man is obsolete;

All our preconceptions of manhood, we have hurriedly tried to delete,

A man on a mission is encouraged to humbly accept defeat-

“He tried” we say, and help him up on his sore feet;

And silently pray that his foolishness he will not repeat.

But to be a man must be more than such an easy feat.

I was always taught that for a man, action is always the aim-

Take responsibility for your shit, you have no one to blame;

Swagger with dignity and keep your wild emotions tame,

Express yourself, but your expression should not leave your reputation in a flame,

Understand that adversity and success are different but treat them the same,

And after you’ve built a life, a home and received your much-deserved acclaim,

You will meet wolves who creep to break, burn and maim.

With resilience and humor, get back on your mission without shame.


Image can be found HERE


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